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“I was miserable before doing my surgery, but there was no post op pain, and I feel great now! At first, you know, back surgery has everyone freaking out, but I have been doing really well. As for Dr. Blythe, he was a very nice guy. I would definitely recommend him to others. I already recommended him to a friend!”
Samuel Macian
It’s been 6 weeks since my surgery and I could not have asked for better results. I cannot thank Dr. Blythe, his staff, and surgical team enough for the care and treatment they have provided.For a long time, I dismissed my neck pain; thinking I had slept wrong or possibly even lifted something wrong at the gym. The pain became …
Delissa Johnson
“It was spring of last year when I came to see Dr. Blythe. I was in terrible pain that day and it was difficult for me. Dr. Blythe told me that while it would not be easy, he could in fact fix me. I was just in tears. Never had anyone told me that this could be done, and then …
V. Carol

Hi.  My name is Jack.  I’m a 72 year old retired electrical engineer.About two months ago, doctor Blythe performed a total knee replacement for me.  After two months of physical therapy, my range of motion is quite good.  I still have some knee pain that’s lessening every week.  The remaining pain is no surprise though.  Dr. Blythe had warned that ..

Jack Johnson
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Patient Video Testimonials

Expert Spine Care has helped thousands of patients get their life back.  They are all normal people just like you who enjoyed life and all their day-to-day activity.  Their back and neck pain took over, leaving them wondering if they could get back to normal. We see it every day and it is possible!

We often take video during our patient’s post operative appointments to record their progress.  With their permission, we are sharing their stories with you.

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