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CLARIX – amnion clarix FLO, Nashville TN

Amniox Clarix Flo harnesses the immense power of umbilical cord to deliver the highest potency of non stem cell proteins to the body to safely and effectively
assist and promote faster stronger healing of musculoskeletal injuries in the body.  This scientifically proven natural tissue based on therapy has shown maximum performance in essentially small doses.  The cord tissue is donated from healthy mothers who have been rigorously screened.  All donors come from the
continental United States.  The donated cord tissue is harvested and processed in Amniox Medical state of the art US based facility.  All donated tissue is screened again to insure no transfer of any infectious diseases to the recipient.  Cord materials is then processed into a fine particulate and freezer dried.  This process renders it shelf stable for up to 2 years.  With over 200,000 in offices procedures done there have been zero reported side effects.  100% FDA APPROVED!

Clarix Injection Pricing
Clarix Flo 50 $1200.00
Clarix Flo 100 $2000.00ts
Clarix Flo 50 x 2 injections $2200.00
Clarix Flo 100 x2 injections $3200.00